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Western Log Sort and Salvage is a producer co-operative of marine log salvors (also known as beachcombers) and a licensed buyer of marine salvaged logs. We are dedicated to ensuring that salvors are paid the maximum price possible for recovered logs so that more wood is recovered and put back in the marketplace rather than being left to drift and becoming a hazard to navigation and the marine environment.

Permit holding beachcombers are in most cases the only source of stray log control on the BC coast. Ensuring salvors are paid a fair market price for their work is critical to reducing the amount of dangerous drift timber in coastal waters.

Obtaining a Log Salvage Permit
Under the B.C. Forest Act and log salvage regulations, a provincial permit is required for any person to salvage logs within the Vancouver log salvage district. To receive a permit application, contact the Ministry of Forests in Nanaimo at 250-751-7220. The fee for a log salvage permit is $250 per year. The permit is valid for one year. Each log salvage permittee (log salvor) is an independent business person, responsible for his/her own equipment, supplies, expenses, and for keeping their own financial records. Log salvors are not employees of WLSSC.

Vancouver Log Salvage District
The Vancouver Log Salvage District includes the inside waters between Vancouver Island and the mainland, including the Fraser River from its mouth to Seabird Bluff near Hope, Pitt Lake and Harrison Lake. False Creek, Teakerne Arm, Sooke Basin, Esquimalt Harbour and Victoria Harbour are excluded from the Vancouver Log Salvage District.

Making a Direct Sale
Contact our office at (604) 685-8907 to obtain a delivery number for all direct sale deliveries. Also ensure that the scaler includes your permit number on the scale sheet and uses out timbermark (BCOMB6) for all unmarked logs. WLSSC will provide prompt payment and will include a record of prices and your scale sheet.

It is critically important to ensure that delivered logs to not contain steel or other embedded metal. Salvors that deliver wood that can damage chipping equipment or injure mill workers will be refused future sales.