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Western Log Sort and Salvage Co-op was incorporated in 2004 as a producer co-op of beachcombers in an effort to improve the economics of marine log salvage and reduce the amount of drift timber on the BC coast.

The Fraser River estuary is the largest on the west coast of North America and lies at the outlet of the largest salmon producing river in the world. Studies have identified unrecovered industrial wood debris as the leading threat to red-coded habitat in the estuary.

Drift logs and deadheads are also a serious threat to boaters on the BC coast. Over a five year period, the Coast Guard responded to 88 instances of boats disabled or sinking after striking logs in the water.

With support from Vancity and local community groups, we submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Forests that sought to end a 50 year monopoly in the marketing of beachcombed logs.  The Minister granted our licence in 2006.

Since that time we have steadily been serving more and more beachcombers who have chosen to sell recovered wood through out licence. WLSSC has made a point of paying beachcombers promptly as well as providing documentation to salvors on how much their wood sold for, and all scaling data. On January 1, 2013, WLSSC became the sole licencee in the province marketing marine salvaged logs.

As a co-op of beachcombers we are highly motivated to pay salvors the highest prices possible and are working to further improve service to salvors. We were recently granted permits allowing the export of chips and hog fuel in order to improve prices for salvors and broaden the market for marine salvaged logs.

We are strongly committed to working with the BC government and forestry companies to ensure that the marine log salvage industry adheres to provincial regulations and high ethical standards.

For more information about WLSSC, please contact General Manager Mitchell Anderson at 604-685-8907 or by email at